Initial assessment of your PC is FREE!

I'll do a quick check of your system to determine if repair is necessary - or feasible - and let you know in advance what services may be needed. If repairs are not warranted, you'll pay only $25 for the house call.

Complete tuneup - $200

For systems that run abnormally slowly or exhibit "behavioral disorders". I'll remove all forms of mal-ware (viruses, hijackers, trojans, etc), disable unnecessary system services, delete "junk" files, defragment the disk, apply all outstanding Windows and Office updates, and make a few "tweaks" to get your system running like new. I'll even leave a copy of my tuning software - with instructions - so you can maintain your system yourself.

Disk Recovery - $150

A system that appears to have power but won't start or crashes with a "blue screen of death" can normally be recovered completely. This recovery process assumes that the disk is in good physical condition and can be reused.

System Transfer - $100

Creation of a disk image and transfer to a new disk with appropriate partitioning, formatting, and resizing.

File transfer - $50 + $10/disk

For partially recoverable drives. Your salvaged data is written to CD, DVD, or other media.